Kickoff Weekend: Saturday 4/7

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This weekend kicks off the 60 Day Get Healthy Challenge. Don’t miss out on:

  • Fitness with Faith! Our very own Faith Nyong, R.N. will workout with us to get us inspired!
  • Meal planning and preparation demonstrations with Dr. Houston Brown with Mind & Body Chiropractic.(See More about Dr. Brown below,)
  • Professional advice and recommendations for maintaining a healthy balance.
  • As an optional participant in the 60 Day Get Healthy Challenge, you’ll complete your complimentary initial consultation with Dr. Brown to assess your starting point and map out your game plan for success.

Weekly Check-in: Sunday 4/15 – Sunday 5/27

As a 60 Day Get Healthy Challenge participant:

  • Free weekly call with Dr. Brown to discuss health topics and answer questions regarding your progress.

Optional Fitness Membership

Online exercise program with Personal trainer, FitBrittwww.tbylonline.com $27/month

It’s Fit Time Gym & Fitness CenterCheck Us Out | Get your first workout FREE! Aurora & Warrenville locations

Winners Announced: Saturday, 6/2

  • The winner will be the person with the greatest percentage of weight loss (final determination by Dr. Brown).
  • Final weigh in will be the week of 5/28 – 6/1. Location TBD.



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