Our Church

The History of Wheaton Christian Center Church

In 1974, Pastor Carlton Arthurs was preaching when the Holy Spirit validated to him the gifts of the Spirit, which are still very much a part of the Church.

He began to benefit from the exercise of the gifts in his private life. Shortly thereafter, through listening to a message on cassette tape, the Word of Faith became very much a part of his teaching and ministry. The Lord communicated to him that He wanted a “Christian Center” type ministry in Wheaton and that he had called Pastor Arthurs to raise it up. Pastor Arthurs felt led of the Lord to give birth to Wheaton Christian Center Church.

In the late summer of 1977, the Wheaton Christian Center Church was meeting in 3 different places – the east wing of Edman Chapel, a rented room in a public school, and in Pastor Arthurs’ home. It was in a home Bible study and prayer meeting that the Lord spoke to Pastor Arthurs, informing him that Wheaton Christian Center Church should be the first church in the Wheaton area with a regularly televised church service. The following day a local television station invited Pastor Arthurs to produce a program for weekly viewing. The Anointed Word Television Ministry has become an inseparable part of the life of Wheaton Christian Center Church.

In 1982, Wheaton Christian Center Church purchased a building in Wheaton on Bloomingdale Road. The church immediately began to experience consistent growth while facilitating outreach in world missions and supporting inner-city ministries. The church’s soul winning and evangelism efforts have grown, and continue to be the life of Wheaton Christian Center Church.

Having outgrown the building on Bloomingdale Road, in 2001 Wheaton Christian Center Church moved into its current home facility. The new facility is a 121,000 square foot building (formerly K-Mart), and serves as the church’s base for worship and world outreach. In 2010, Pastor Arthurs appointed his son, Paul, as Senior Pastor of Wheaton Christian Center. The transition was seamless, and Paul and Fiona have continued in the spiritual principles that Wheaton Christian Center was founded upon. This transition has freed Pastors Carlton and Sheila Arthurs to minister around the world, plant churches, and proclaim the End Time message of the Kingdom.